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Photography Véronique & Marc


European wedding



Covering this very special and magical day of 2 people choosing for each other... that deserves a professional photographer!!!

And even more: we work always with 2 photographers: Véronique and Marc. allowing us to cover both bride and groom. They both get a view of the other one's hours before the ceremony.


We pay a lot of attention to the story of this important day and continuously adapt and anticipate as a discrete witness to the events gliding away.


Choosing Photography Véronique & Marc is choosing for simplicity, professionalism and interaction. Because nice images are only possible knowing your needs and wishes.


We use professinal gear and different lenses. And because we know the importance of this day and nothing may go wrong, we have all our gear in double. This way we do not need to bother about single malfunctionning devices.


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Exclusive Photoshoot 'honeymoon':

For new wedded couples: 2 hours photoshoot in the medina of Marrakech.

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