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Photography Véronique & Marc

Welcome to the biography page of Photography Véronique & Marc s.a.r.l.


Want to see our portfolio? Check out our corporate portfolio about interior photography! Or have a look at our public webpage.

We are based at Marrakech, Morocco. The red city has a lot to offer in a photographic way, both for tourists and professional photographers. Being based in Marrakech medina means a lot of knowledge of this old town with the people living and working

in it.


Photography Véronique & Marc s.a.r.l. consists of 2 photographers, each of them with his own skills and specialities. We work independent on our own specility or together, assisting our counterpart on specific missions.



- studio

- fashion first shooter

- wedding first shooter

- interior second shooter (details)


- studio Voice Operated Tripod

- interior first shooter (room views)

- wedding second shooter

- landscape

- Google Streetview Trusted Photographer


Véronique and Marc are working independently from any other party: all gear is available in double for backup reasons, site surveys are done by us, development and rétouche is done in our atelier by ourselves, calibrated screens are used for correct color appliance.


Photography Véronique & Marc s.a.r.l. creates your images: interior, fashion, wedding, studio, portrait, product etc. We also organise workshops in the old medina of Marrakech, teaching people how to take better pictures without the need of special equipment or without mastering technical capacity of their gear. Even smartphones can create special images!


Our gear:

2 Canon 5D mark iii

2 Canon 5D mark ii

1 Canon 5D mark i

Canon lenses : 24-105 mm 4 L, 70-200 mm 2.8 L, 70-200 mm 4 L , 17-40 4 L mm, 50 mm 1.8; 85 mm 1.8, 100 mm Macro

(+ tamron backup lenses)

2 flash externe speedlite

memory cards

3 Bowens studio lighting 500 W

octabox; softbox; umbrella, grids, snooth, beautydish

travel battery pack (lighting on location)

2 tripod

Nodal tripod head for perfect level and stitch

Eizo calibrated screens

Xrite Color checker

Development and retouche in Lightroom and Photoshop


Wireless flash

Ricoh Theta S



Dutch, French and English and a few words German.



Below the list of references. Coordinates of a contactperson will be given upon request.


Riad 34 - Marrakech

Karim Tassi showroom - Marrakech/Guélize

Riad Aida - Marrakech

Angsana Riad Collection Marrakech (Banyantree Corp)

Riad Dar Khadouj - Marrakech

Villa Bleu - Guélize

Riad Soundouss - Marrakech

Riad Kamar Zamane - Marrakech

Café Atay - Marrakech

Royal Palm for Gypsetgirl inc

Google Streetview Certified Photographer Programm


Gypsetgirl - USA

Karim Tassi Fashion - Marrakech


Vlaamse Gemeenschap - Agentschap Internationale Samenwerking (Belgian Government)

- Book 'De Brug van Dromen' (EAN 9789020933123)


Kiddidoo - Children Clothes

Karim Tassi - fashion - online shop


Our itinerary:

Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, South-Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Netherlands

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